note to self: “love yourself” does not mean spend $40 on chinese food when you’re broke

who am i kidding yes it does. never listen to me

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If there is one thing and one thing only I can’t take…

it’s liars. If you lie to me, we are through. I refuse to be with or be friends with someone who is willing to just straight up lie to get their way. Tonight, I found out someone I have never done anything but care/bend over backwards for, lied to me about something major and I can honestly say my heart hasn’t felt this kind of sadness. It hurts.

Lying is dumb, don’t do it.



do parents feel offended when their kids call themselves ugly like hey those are my genetics you’re talking about

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i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 

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I want to meet someone who makes me feel the way music does

this is the most beautiful thing ive ever read

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even the moon turned red to support the wings take that boston 

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  • Things I'm grateful for: No shootouts in the playoffs.
it’s here

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Los Angeles - The Audition.

She said, “I’m jealous of Los Angeles. She gets to keep you for a month or two, and I don’t know that I can handle this - the thought of being without you.”

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